Rooms Re-Done By Gregory James
is the solution for a whole room makeover.

Tired of that old, dated room in your home? It's finally time to do something about that!


Reliable and Economic Service

Gregory James has been in the flooring, home building, and home repair business for over 30 years. Over the years, the needs of homeowners have changed as the economic conditions around them have also. Once upon time, it was easier to escape our dated decor by purchasing a new home or doing a complete home remodel. However, that is no longer the option for many of us.

Your Home Project

A Rooms Re-Done specialist will come in, evaluate your project, discuss your ideas, and determine your wants and needs. We will develop a personally tailored plan to redo your space.


No project is too big or too small. There isn't a room that can't be redone by Gregory James.

Quality and Service

srcset="" ceiling. What Rooms Re-Done does best is listening to their clients, working with quality and on budget every time.


Go at it.

Take advantage of his 30 plus years of working with architects, builders, designers, contractors and home owners and use it to make that room you can be proud of.


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Most work done by Gregory James. All work not done by Gregory James is supervised by him.